Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s initial thoughts on the project


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Far North

IMG_2163"My initial thoughts on the project can be said to be a combination of artistic sensations for a storyline and inner contemplation. These have connections to my inner musical experiences for the project, as well as a partial narrative and ideology.

        These initial thoughts and sensations for the work have to do with sounds and images from a compositional point of view, and the work has to do with movement, touch, nature, new life and growth – intimacy and connection.

Sensation and thoughts

Crawling beings as an organic untamed energy, naturally emerging throughout the narrative. Some sort of central being – not human, not really of anything, but still surprisingly touchable – it moves in hectic motion, but gracefully and effortlessly fluent at the same time. Natural touch is portrayed both through the music and through the narrative.

        Touch and movement are very important, and I imagine this applying both to the vocalists  as well as to the instrumental performers. In the same way the sensation of movement that is simultaneously hectic and graceful could be important to the narrative. The central being represents essence on various levels, from a single touch to the greatest energy – unimaginably beautiful in a natural way.

The central being has the role of the other in the context – the fundamental element that needs to be protected. As of now it can be ambiguous if everyone else is the opposition, the enemy, the protector, or even all of the above."

Anna Thorvaldsdottir, June 2013