Greenland Impressions


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IMG_3684Anna Thorvaldsdottir's impressions after the first expedition to Greenland

“Musically, listening to the calving icebergs contrasted with the silence in the landscape, and observing the solidness of the earth is a magnificent inspiration.

The dramatic contrast between the solid mountains of the land and the oceanic figures of ice that subtly move each day is such a dynamic and powerful artistic impression. The grand solid figures, these unimaginably big and strong blocks of ice that seem solid and steady, graciously move each day so that on one hand you have this solid never changing landscape of the earth versus the ever changing view of the ocean.

The overpowering surrounding silence in the landscape to which the icebergs lend an occasional rhythmic accompaniment is so powerful that in the presence of these grand figures you feel like whispering out of respect to nature.”

Anna Thorvaldsdottir

August 20th 2013